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May 1, 2023

In today's show, Drew Canole discusses how to increase creativity and connect with oneself and a higher power, leading to relaxation, motivation, and healing. He emphasizes the importance of reframing situations to put oneself in a state of elation and encourages seeing the world through the eyes of wonder to feel more connected, make wiser decisions, and experience more joy.

Drew provides ten ways to achieve this state of wonder and awe. First, he suggests waking up and appreciating the world around youself, seeing with "wow" goggles, and meditating or praying all day long. 

Second, he recommends getting uncomfortable and trying something new, such as buying a ticket to a random destination at the airport. 

Third, he advises seeking out inspiring people who make one uncomfortable, humbling oneself, sparking conversations with strangers, and creating a vision board.

Fourth, Drew highlights the power of music, finding inspiring music that impacts emotions, and drops one into the heart. They say music soothes even the savage beast, and although this sounds like a no-brainer, it really can make a huge difference in your life.  Choose the soundtrack of your life.  Don't let it be cars honking, words of complaining coworkers, or worse, the news!

Fifth, he recommends reading books and viewing oneself as a student to learn something new every day. 

Sixth, Drew suggests taking time off from technology, spending time in nature, and doing breath-work to tap into what is real. 

Seventh, he encourages following one's dreams and avoiding being a cookie-cutter cog in the matrix for someone else.

Eighth, Drew emphasizes the importance of learning something new every day, studying things one never understood, and opening up to AI. 

Ninth, he suggests taking a trip, breaking out of a routine, and connecting with nature. 

Lastly, Drew advises breaking out of a groundhog day mentality and seeing through the eyes of wonder.

Throughout the podcast, Drew highlights the benefits of reframing one's perspective, practicing gratitude, and approaching life with a sense of wonder. By following these ten steps, he believes that one can achieve a more fulfilling, creative, and connected life.

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