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Aug 23, 2021

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Are you Hydrated? 


Drew dives deep into all things wellness with Tracy Duhs a wellness educator and hydration expert. In this episode, Tracy shares the top 5 tools for hydrating yourself and detoxifying your life!


Tracy’s journey into regenerative care and health began at a young age, leading her down the path towards helping others bring their bodies back into balance. This is a beautiful story you want to hear. 


There are so many ways to practice healing and commit to wellness, it can be hard to choose where to focus. Tracy and Drew share their top ways for optimizing their lives, and it isn’t what you might think. 


Our bodies are almost entirely made of water, yet most of us are chronically hydrated. Deep hydration goes beyond simply drinking 6 glasses of water each day, Tracy walks through actionable tips to increase your hydration and shares how powerful this will be for the rest of your life. 

Key Ideas & Topics:


-Morphogenetic and various scans work to determine where you need to focus your health


-The full spectrum of the sun is nutrition


-Disconnect from all screens for multiple days and witness the shifts in your creative mind and connection to source.


-True friends versus associates in your life.


-What supplements to take for optimal hydration and health.


-The connection to your spiritual life will strengthen the life you have with yourself and others.


-3 Aspects of water.


-The difference between filtered and reverse osmosis water. And the difference between alkalizing your body and alkaline water.




“People have trouble disconnecting. They really struggle with that. So when you take away their phone and you give them an environment where they don't have to think about what they're going to eat, or they're going to go, what they're going to do, and you just do it for them, their body's able to just relax all of their cells, all that inflammation around the cells, everything starts to come back into balance.” (12:12, Tracy)


“I tell people if, if you're not speaking your truth, Then there's dissonance in your voice. If you're not speaking up for speaking, what's right.” (25:02, Tracy)


“We plug our cell phones in every single night. Except for me. I always forget to do that. And then I'm running on dead all day, but that's the way most people are. They're running on empty. They're running on, on this like low battery. There are 5% and they wonder why they feel bad and they need to take a shot of espresso three times a day,” (32:18, Tracy)


“I would sit down with a mentor. And we would read the Bible and other sacred scriptures and we'd start our day like that. And when you're, when you fill your own cup up with spirit, before you do anything else, health is like a, it's just as easy as breathing.” (46:06, Drew)


“A lot of people have reverse osmosis systems at home or an aro system, but they're not adding the minerals back into the water. And that's an essential component for being able to hydrate and for the water to penetrate the cells.” (56:27)


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