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Aug 18, 2021


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Today Drew walks through how he builds momentum, reaches his goals, and bends the reality you live in. If you want to take your health to the next level, this episode is for you!


Perhaps you are struggling to move into action with your vision, you might be holding back or hiding behind fear. And if financial scarcity is one of the fears you hold onto, Drew offers mindset shifts and actions you can take today to change your relationship with money.


If you have a goal, there are ways you can expedite and improve your ability to achieve it. Drew shares his top methods for goal setting and the mindset you need to retain your motivation. 


After having reached his large visions, Drew has recently found himself in a valley. He shares how he is currently building new momentum and deciding how to find new goals. Let’s get motivated together my friends!


Key Ideas:


-Attach your why to your identity. Your Whys is an emotionally charged idea in your body.


-Work should never be work. When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.


-Peaks and Valleys occur within life. Use them both to your advantage.


-Sit within nature and allow yourself to be still with everything around you. This practice will help you see what is draining your energy.


-Fully emerge yourself into the giving mentality, and you will in return, receive more.




“So what's the dream that you're catching in this physical reality now. And the sense points, touch, taste, smell, hear sound, all these things. The more real it becomes in your current reality. The quicker, it will start to close in on it and you'll notice it.” (6:27)


“I laid money out all over my house cause I wanted to impress upon my unconscious mind how easy money is to make.” (7:04)


“A lot of energy drain drains are actually technology right now. You got your cell phone, your computer, you got the Netflix TV, you have all these monitors, all these black mirrors that are constantly around you and they're draining your energy.” (10:20)


“And what the opposition fears more than anything is that you have more love in your life. Cause when you're in love, there's no room for fear. Love eliminates all fear, love eliminates all energetic drains that aren't yours. So just spend more time in love.” (11:37)


“On the other side of a breakdown is always the breakthrough.” (13:17)

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