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Mar 1, 2021

If you don’t know what your mission or purpose, you are doing it right now. This episode of Drew & You is all about visioning your mission and understanding that it all starts with helping as many people as possible today. Drew shares lessons learned through his journey from feeling overwhelmed and disconnected to putting in place the planks that have ultimately built his multidimensional life. Among those critical components?


  • Attending to health and well-being.
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships.
  • Untangling the relationship between “compete” and “complete.”
  • Looking for meaningful places to plugin.
  • Ensuring that you surround yourself with work and people that support your essential values and vision.


Drew wraps up with a call to put the tenets he has put forth into practice today. If what you’re doing doesn’t light your soul on fire, make a change. Look to “infect” others with your sense of mission and the payoff will be enormous on every level.


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  • How Drew initially came to his entrepreneurial ventures, and the reorientation required once he realized that good health was a cornerstone.
  • The miraculous story of a man with a terminal disease turned it all around and sparked Drew with his story. (Hint: Juicing takes a starring role.)
  • How taking one step towards feeling good and then another towards sharing it led to Drew’s best life.
  • How videos, giveaways, and passionate acts of service ultimately established Drew’s entrepreneurial footprint.
  • Fueled by purpose and positivity, Drew’s online community grew from 12 views to tens of thousands!
  • The moral is … If you’re going to spend a huge chunk of your life working, why not make it something you love in conjunction with people you love?
  • Looking for the right community – one that is “for” something and that empowers you to go for what you want.
  • Vision: The more you can imagine the more you can inspire. Find your lane!
  • Drew explains the importance of understanding the difference between “complete versus compete.” The universe always delivers back 10x.
  • Find your tribe! Look for others who share your passions and vision, those who “get” you and your mission because in some way they share it.
  • Look for a doorway to remove obstacles and heal trauma, then walk through!
  • Action: What can you do today? Are you ready to look at the biggest messes in your life? Can you make yourself vulnerable and share your story with others?
  • All it takes is one idea to start the process of transformation. Mark the date – the day you heard this podcast – to see where you are a year from now!



“Turn your mess into a mission!” (1:24)


“I was being breathed. I wasn’t breathing … and I just wanted to do it more and more and impact more and more people.” (5:18)


“I knew 100% beyond the shadow of a doubt that if I just kept ringing the bell every day, doing one thing to impact someone else’s life, that it would all come back to me.” (6:01)


“If you’re going to work one-third of your life, why not do something you really love and why not do it with people you love?” (7:13)


“You have to be willing to do the uncommon thing, which most humans aren’t willing to do because they’re so stuck in a program.” (7:38)


“The more you can pour energy (into your vision) the more that reality starts to show itself, but you have to go there in your mind.” (8:36)


“I like to compete versus complete.” (10:11)


“I think we’re in a loneliness epidemic, so the more we can be together, show our vulnerability, show our bellies, show ourselves, the more possibility starts to open up for humanity – and that’s a beautiful thing.” (13:34)


“Own your awesome and all that you are. And live from a mission that lights your soul on fire!” (14:49)



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