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Mar 1, 2021

Are you living with intent every single day? Have you set up the framework you need to support your most authentic and vital life? This episode of Drew & You tackles these questions head-on, drawing on Drew’s experience as an aspiring entrepreneur whose all-out pursuit of success left him 40 pounds overweight, exhausted, and broken. Healing his life required more than just self-examination. He developed a concrete strategy to dismantle habits that did not serve him, shedding environmental and mental chaos in favor of something far more sustaining.


You’ll hear how Drew transformed his home, relationships, pastimes, goals, and style of engagement with life. The more he got clarity and set intentions, the more he saw real-world results and a consciousness infused with joy and purpose.


There are a lot of cool gadgets and hacks for living your best life, but nothing compensates for the foundational building blocks that Drew describes. He offers Five Fundamentals that set the stage for your most productive and meaningful life. If you implement these baseline practices, a shift will inevitably follow in the form of better mental, physical and creative vitality. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see the results play out in everyday ways!

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  • The state of Drew’s life before he discovered balance and stopped running himself into the ground as an aspiring entrepreneur.
  • Drew shares Five Fundamentals that helped him establish order and create harmony in his life.
  • #1: Your Environment. Having a home that is in complete disarray saps mental health and productivity. Getting your house in order, literally, is the first step to establishing balance and setting the stage for all other pursuits.
  • #2: Your Friends: Who are your friends and how are they pouring vitality into you? If they aren’t, you need to have a breakup or intervention. This goes for intimate/romantic relationships as well. Surround yourself with the right stuff.
  • #3: Your Mind. Is there value in your consciousness? Drew shares strategies for affirming mental hygiene. Literally, everything you speak and everything you take into your system is sending messages. Pay attention to your thoughts!
  • #4: Your Boundaries. There are so many distractions, demands, apps, and ways to engage without consciously choosing. Drew shares the incredible shift that occurred after he made a commitment to – and learned how to create a vision for -- both self-care and caring for others.
  • #5: Your Language. Speak as if you’re talking to the love of your life – You! The negative self-talk so many people subject themselves to only erodes the quality of life and demean your purpose on the planet.



“I was working myself into oblivion trying to “make it.” (00:31)


“Environment is everything.” (3:04)


“Let your friends know what you’re looking to create in your life. Enroll them in your vision for your life.”  (4:34)


“If you’re not pouring in new water to nourish the seeds of your own consciousness, then you’re just living in the average, mundane TikTok world.” (5:26)


“My beliefs had to shift before my identity did.” (8:56)


“Part of having optimal health is doing what you love every single day.” (10:22)


“When you’re in doubt, focus out. When we’re hung up on who we are and what we’re doing in the world we can get a little too serious.” (11:21)


“Cherish yourself. Hold yourself so high that the rest of the world embodies that.” (13:13)


“The fact that you’re breathing means your purpose still hasn’t been fulfilled; it means that there is still something more for you, my friend.” (15:48)



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