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Mar 1, 2021

In this premiere episode of the Drew andYou podcast, host Drew Canole introduces the concept behind a new kind of conversation – on which he hopes to engage people who want to dive into the setting and achieving personal goals. That could look like something spiritual or emotional, physiological or practical. Drew will be using the wisdom he’s acquired through a life journey with many dimensions. He will put into practice all he has learned about neuro-linguistic programming, shamanic, healing, somatic touch, nutrition, and consciousness.


Not only does Drew bring his unique life experience and tool kit, he will also be hosting guests who offer their own intimate perspectives. Podcast episodes will feature a range of topics – from optimizing diet to processing and removing internal wounds. Drew and the experts he hosts will offer live one-on-one coaching and help listeners determine concrete goals, set real intentions and commit as a community to building transformational awareness and growth.


Join Drew as he embarks on a journey to the most authentic possible you. “This is about your own journey – and about you changing your life!”




  • A bit of background about Drew, his vision, and previous ventures.
  • Themes Drew will be highlighting on upcoming Drew & You episodes.
  • What Drew & You will offer that differentiates it from other podcast content.
  • Going deep: Drew invites listeners to imagine being in the room with him and his guests, digging into intimate details that resonate personally.
  • Call-in consultations will be offered for those who are interested in coaching live with Drew and his guests.
  • Tools Drew will offer to help individuals do the work of healing and connecting with their most authentic selves.
  • The lack of embodiment: The challenge to embrace and fully implement the information that will foster radical action within your life.
  • Who is this podcast for? Anyone with love in their heart and a willingness to grow.




“We’re going to wake people up, shake people up and make it so easy that you will never go back to the way you were before.” (4:24)


“Little by little you’re going to embody what it means to live a life on your own terms by listening to the people I bring on – the artists, authors, musicians – the people who will join me on this show.” (5:15)


“Vulnerability, when we wear it like a crown, opens up other people’s hearts.” (8:10)


“Regardless of what’s going on in the world, know that you will have a place to turn to that will give you positivity, motivation, and inspiration.” (9:57)


“This podcast is for anybody that’s willing to wake up – anybody that has deep, desired love in their heart and feel infectious but don’t know what to do.” (12:19)




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