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Jul 21, 2021

What are your words telling the world?


Great storytellers write spells, and magicians put spells into play. Take this episode as an opportunity to become the magician of your own life and use the power of language to create your dream future. 


The truth is, word choice matters. When it comes to building a business or moving forward with a purpose, how you communicate around this container will dictate the possibilities moving forward. Drew shares ways to clean your language up and really come from a place of love.


This episode is filled with guidance and insight on communicating with certain people, what choice language you choose to use (i.e. “I have to get up and go to work tomorrow.” and how it impacts your surroundings.


Be the director, and the author, of your narrative and language. This is your story my friends, share your words!


Key Ideas:


-Words can create worlds.


-Sound has a resonate frequency that lives with us. What words you choose will alter the frequency.


-Implement sticky notes around your home filled with affirmations to alter your inner voice.


-Instead of chasing money, express and create through your art every day and watch how your language shifts.


-Speak to everyone as though they are family members and feel their energy and experiences. We are one large human family. The more we realize this, the more shifts in humanity will occur.




“I believe we can change the planet through changing our language. We can have more reverence. For all life, we can wake people up from a spell that has been cast upon them unknowingly that they've just held onto with, uh, um, little leaks in their energetic field containers.“(0:49)


“So even if you're not believing something about yourself, but you speak it, guess what happens? You start to break things down in your energetic field to allow your unconscious mind to absorb it more effectively.” (5:04)


“Chasing money without being an artist is a slow death. Because if you look at your heart, what's in the middle of your heart is your art. And if you're not living in your art, you're not the expression of your own art every single day.” (7:56)


“What we project with our words creates our perception. Our perception creates our reception. So the words have a big part in that. And your belief, what you believe about yourself will eventually create what you receive. So changing what you believe through your words is a powerful practice and appreciating.” (11:46)


“To truly live, I believe, we are meant to have fun in this life. How much fun can we have? How much good can we handle? How much love can we take? Right. And then going out there with that at it.” (19:06)


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