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Mar 27, 2023

1:27 "Right now i have a pre-breakfast breath practice, where i'm taking ten inhalations, as deep as i can, two thirds through the belly, one third through the chest."

8:54 "It's the difference between the teacher and the mentor.  The mentor is somebody who's lived it.  They've experienced it.  They probably have both left brain and right brain wisdom and knowledge, but they're not just a default to what code and curriculum would suggest. "

16:12 "I knew in her eyes that it was over.  So I didn't try to salvage.  So I said fine, I'm out of here."  

23:28 "I'm a firm believer that everything in life should be a relationship, and let's get as raw and vulnerable as possible."

34:30 "As an entrepreneur, how do I bring that element of play and get familiar with it such that it's almost like a tool in my tool belt, and merge it with the highly productive lanes of life that I exist in?"

46:13 "I think for a lot of women it's "is what I'm doing enough? Is this okay and is it enough for you?"


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