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Mar 20, 2023

5:10 "I guess I've never used the word healer at the beginning to think of myself.  However, I was certainly on a healing journey."  

14:00 "If you really come to the truth of the reality that you are loved and that your boundaries are in tact, you don't need to outsource your power..."

24:10 "Suffering is the disconnection and the disallowance of what is here on this plane, what we signed up for. It can be navigated very wisely when we have that connection.  The right resources will show up."

36:15 "We believe very strongly in deep, deep levels of intimacy.  Which is why we love monogamous relationships.  The deeper you go down, the more you see the divine."

51:10 "there's this level of selection of food and supplements that can be used when one is embodied.  Before that point, I think it's important to have a guide."


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