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Dec 9, 2021

6:29 "I had amassed a lot of experience and discovered a lot of things that worked to support your health and vitality."


12:15 "The reason I got into EMFs was... I was studying all of these fringe, alternative doctors."


17:52 "Everyone's arguing about being paleo, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, whatever, and it's like dude, you're probably sleeping next to a wifi router."


24:18 "There's a whole other realm of dealing with EMF which makes them less harmful and that's in the harmonizing space."


30:24 "When you take a nutrient IV, you only get peak blood plasma levels for 1 to 2 hours... the rest kind of goes to waste."


49:50 "It's a real confirmation that doing the work has really been worth it... Closing your heart to the experience of love is never the right answer."


57:50 "There's one common denominator here, and it's me."








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