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Nov 17, 2021

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00:20 "Every single person at organifi... we go through a multitude of personality tests." Surrounding yourself with good people requires a good test or at least good judge of character.


1:00 "I'm here to talk about the power of belief..." All the beliefs that you have, have shaped who you are in this moment.


3:00 "The real work is actually in the thought realm." When in doubt focus out. The more we get outside ourselves the more selfless development we do... rather than just self development.


4:33 "There's a lot of netflix n' chillin' going on. Not a lot of people are demonstrating power of will." The power of belief should eventually motivate you to action.


6:30 "so when you perceive your reticular activation system in your brain lights up, shows you more of what you're focused on."


8:05 "How willing are you to receive the gifts prepared for you?" Everything you could ever imagine is yours right now. The work is to remove the obstacles and the blocks that keep you in a limited pattern of creation.


10:36 "You're in this material landscape, fight or flight." Are you the type of person that believes you're just this feeble little organism rolling through time and space? Or do you believe that you have the power to create the most amazing existence in all of universal history?



The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton



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Visit and get 15% off your next order!