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Nov 15, 2021

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2:55 "I got a string of 5 really good hits out of the park early on, and I got a string of disasters... I had to do some cultivating of why I was winning and why I was losing. I had to do some soul searching. At the end of the day I realized my great loves in life are God, creation and art."  Once we realize what we're here for and how we can use our gifts to truly help people, that's when more abundance returns our way.


4:16 "Time and space are related, and are also related to velocity... when you realize the sun is moving through the universe, we're moving really fast... what you really are in appears to be a universe, and it is, but it's also a huge clock."  We can never go back in time, because the past is also in a different place.  We must always be looking forward.


6:50 "Let's talk about how time travel would really work if you had to go through time and space... in order to travel through time you need to become invisible to the universe."


11:01 "What remote viewing is, is essentially being able to close your eyes and visualize another time and space continuum. " No one is more psychic than anyone else and everyone has the ability to let go of their restraints and see what may not have happened yet.


16:32 "We come here complete. We don't come here like a bicycle with three parts missing."  Instead of spending so much time and energy trying to become something else, we can fulfill our true potential by finding out who we really are. 


20:00 "You're not only adding quality days to their lives right now... You're also making their lives longer and healthier and to those people around them."  Selling a great product or idea is just persuading someone to improve their life.


21:50 "I had five successes and five failures. The stuff that worked was good for other people."


22:28 "When you can have thousands of ambassadors for you, that' much more powerful than the greatest media campaign or ad spend that you have."


25:03 " I think we're getting to a place where as people we can design our own lives, and feel like we have some autonomy in the direction we go."


28:55 "You can sell people... even and idea, if you ask three questions and if you ask the questions in the right order." The first question touches their hopes or their fears.


29:40 "The second question is a hint at innovation." We reveal a breakthrough or provoke curiosity with this question.


30:14 "The third question tells them there's an offer for it." This is when we ask them if they're curious about the solution. After they've said yes to these questions, now you just address their objections.


33:45 "Who are the three folks that you strongly admire, and the character traits of those guys or gals?"


38:30 "If you get these value-centered questions up front with people, not only are they telling you who they are, they're signing up to be that person."




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Visit and get 15% off your next order!