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Nov 10, 2021

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0:15 "There are things that we do every single day that we give our power away to." How can we stop giving our power away and have authentic power, coming from an internal source?


1:13 "I think we need to first and foremost declare our intention." Declare what your vision is, never apologizing for your ambition. Far too many people are quiet about what they want to vocalize in the world.


3:00 "Self awareness is one of the first steps in owning your personal power." Becoming a reframe expert is super powerful. No matter what you're up against, reframe it.


4:19 "Be an advocate for everyone you come into contact with." How can I show up in a way to positively impact their lives?


6:38 "Speaking up and sharing your ideas." People are reluctant to speak up, to share, to have the courage to share their opinions. How can YOU speak up more? What you have could be absolutely brilliant.


7:41 "You can only give from a full cup." The more self care you give yourself, the more power you have to give to other people.


8:45 "If you were to take stock in your five best friends and the books that you're reading, that's the future you. Are your friends building you up? Are your books building you up?" If not, you may want to consider building up your personal network to establish more of your person power.


11:52 "Write down all the ways you abandon yourself."


The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

Atomic Habits - James Clear




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Visit and get 15% off your next order!