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Nov 8, 2021

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2:10 "Just to know that you have brought a life into the world and that life is going to carry on whatever virtues and values and things that you believe in, it's a humbling moment." It's not about you anymore.



8:33 "I was looking for love because I wanted something that I wasn't myself." How many times have we found ourselves chasing a type of person who we were envious of? Maybe we didn't truly have a connection with them but we we felt like they had something that we were missing.



13:02 "Sometimes God's will, in order to heal generational pain, we have to go into the fire a lot hotter than other people." Introspection is powerful. For some of us, it conjures up very intense emotions and traumatic memories.



17:08 "We are all being tested to go through this threshold right now because we have fallen asleep to how amazing and powerful we really are." The world is full of chaos and confusion right now, but maybe we've brought this upon ourselves. What's the lesson here?



22:55 "We are at this place of recognizing how divine and how infinite we are." The turbulence and confusion we're facing needs to be met with patience and understanding.



25:46 "Default mode network is the posterior cingulet cortex, the pfc and the amygdala. If we can use any tool we have to turn down the safety mechanism in our brain, then we won't be a victim." There are both physical and mental strategies we can use to reduce the 'knee-jerk' reaction our brain has to fear and anxiety in the world.



32:45 "What blocks us from keeping the promises we made to ourselves... it's worthiness." Many times we feel like we're not worthy of becoming that person who keeps commitments to themselves.



34:30 "In order to have faith, you have to have virtues, and if you don't have virtues, you don't know yourself."




Becoming Nobody - Ram Dass

The Fourth Turning - Neil Howe and William Strauss

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover - Robert Moore & Doug Gillette


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