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Oct 27, 2021

2:20 "Here's the biggest mistake that people make when it comes to manifesting what they want in their life." Most people take action without having the vibrational resonance of all the parts aligned. You must think, then become, before you can HAVE.


3:00 "Before I do any task that's going to require any focus, I sit in the room of wishful thinking." Sit in the feeling of what it looks like to have what you desire, or after it has manifested.


5:00 "Everything is already yours." The human being is an antenna. So how do we tune into the channel that's going to bring us what we want?


We become what we say. What is your language? Are you speaking detrimental things?


9:40 "This isn't the law of attraction. You still have to work your butt off." The mindset aligns your being towards your desire, which affects your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. Work won't FEEL like work once you're completely aligned.


10:50 "What you observe literally changes what you're observing."


When you remove blockages and 'stuck energy' from your body, your body stops sending empty or negative thoughts to your brain.


The more you let these self sabotaging thoughts go, the more you realize that your thoughts are an illusion.

Day-scripting is another great way to manifest what you want. Start with writing "I love my life." Then expand out into the WHY behind it, and eventually, you start to plan out your day to be the absolute perfect day, which snowballs into the perfect life.



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