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Sep 27, 2021 enter code DREW

Today's show is packed with value. From a track athlete and wrestler, to a community pharmacist, and now a cardiovascular research scientist, doctor of pharmacy, and author of at least 5 life-changing books, Dr. James Dinicolantonio is here to help blow the lid off of nutrition myths and legends.

0:57 "A lot of my patients were suffering from symptoms when their doctor put them on a diuretic to lower their blood pressure, or told them to reduce their salt intake. They felt terrible."

Dr. James has hundreds of positive reviews on his books The Mineral Fix, The Salt Fix, The Longevity Solution, and others. Many of these reviews are very personal stories of people sharing how their lives have been changed and improved after following his research and advice.

2:17 "Being more omnivorous optimizes all minerals, better than being a vegan or a carnivore."

The average American is not only missing out on the quantity of vegetables they need daily, but they're also not eating enough variety of fruits and vegetables. Our diet does affect our pH balance in the body. Yes, the body does regulate pH on its own, but our bicarbonate levels can go down if we eat high acidic foods without offsetting them with some type of base.

3:28 "Two different waters that are pretty high in bicarbonate and minerals, one is Gerolsteiner, and the other is San Pellegrino."

If you have a diet higher in animal foods, your body might struggle a bit to maintain the proper acid levels. So fruits and vegetables or at least bicarbonate mineral water are essential for helping the body balance itself.

"5:09 "In order for a neuron to fire and for muscles to move, sodium has to go into the cell, potassium gets kicked out and it's called sodium-potassium ATPase, and it requires ATP and magnesium to do that. So we're alive because we're these electrical, basically these walking bags of salt, fluids, and electrolytes."

Both physical performance and cognitive abilities depend heavily on minerals and electrolytes. There's so much information and electrical transfer that happens throughout our body. None of our cells would be proper conductors for that electrical transfer without minerals.

Magnesium is required for over 600 enzymatic functions in the body, to produce ATP, to create protein and DNA and RNA. They're necessary for hormones and neurotransmitters. So life really doesn't exist without magnesium. Most people aren't even getting the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, let alone the right VARIETY of magnesiums.

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