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Sep 20, 2021

Relationships, leadership, ownership of your health routines and many other 'ships' are discussed with Organifi's CEO, Mae Steigler.

Are first impressions REALLY everything? Mae tells us a little origin story about her first encounter with Drew Canole in a very "stuffy" Lulu Lemon store back in 2010. Now they've been working together making health products for 11 years. Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways.

Drew and Mae share some memories of the early days of Fitlife & Organifi. Drew had discovered the power of "life-giving juice," lost 40 pounds and was on a mission to share his experience with as many people as possible. Mae was the first to join him in this mission and they quickly began growing a following online.

6:55 "You can break down the idea that if you're not eating a lot, you can still have lots of energy [through micronutrient-dense foods.]"

It was still revolutionary in 2010 to recommend people ADD micronutrient-dense foods into their diet, instead of emphasizing that they 'lose weight' or deprive themselves of food. Also, keep the power of language in mind. When we talk about 'losing weight' we're implying that we lost something that we'd like to find again.

Mae shares some insight into her relationship with her husband and how they work together to support her challenge of becoming CEO.

15:00 "It's never 50/50. You're always trying to do your part. Instead, it's 100 percent."

Instead of calculating whether or not your partner is giving an equal amount to any given experience as yourself, focus on being "all in, always" at 100 percent. If you're both in it 100 percent, then there's always balance.

Key Ideas:

-How you show up at work and in life is a product of how you treat your body and mind

-Integrity in relationships comes down to being 100% in always

-A healthy morning ritual is the foundation to work/life balance

-The future of health is pristine quality ingredients, advancements in biotechnology and a mass 'awakening' around what we absorb

Further Resources:

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The Compound Effect - by Darren Hardy
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