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Jul 28, 2021

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Do you take full ownership of everything in your life?


This week, Drew shares 6 different components people leave out during their quest to greatness. Listen in to learn whether you have neglected these aspects of yourself and how to build them back into your life.


Leadership goes beyond how you stand up in front of a conference room or whether you can strategically plan...leadership begins within YOU.


How you perceive events is one of the best ways to take control of your life and drive the direction you want to go. The next time something “bad” happens, whether in business, career, or personal life, Drew has a perspective shift you can practice to rebuild momentum and course correct.


You can control two things: what you think, and what you put into your body. Drew shares his gardening joy and how you can begin to have sovereignty over your food. 

Key Ideas and Topics:


-Leadership starts with you. 


-If you are not radically honest with yourself it will be challenging to grow in the way you envision.


Align your thoughts to something beyond your five senses. Begin to tap into your sixth sense (third-eye) to better understand yourself.


-Gardening is a beautiful way to root down into yourself and the earth.


-90% of serotonin comes from the gut. What have you been eating lately and is it feeding you serotonin or depleting you?




“Natural immunity looks like doing things to control our thinking to go back to that internal wellspring.” (4:22)


“When we're in control of our thinking and we're witnessing our consciousness, we are no longer the actor or the director of it. And when we're the director of our life, we can start to choose more favorable things to put on in this biological suit because we can control our thoughts and we can control the food that we put in our body.” (6:24)


“Have a garden from your house, grow some plants inside when you become connected, and have more reverence for the food that you're actually growing. You have more reverence for the food that you're getting outside of your house to local farms, supporting your farmers.” (8:04)


“When we have better relationships with the food that we eat, guess what happens? We have better relationships with the people we're around.” (10:06)

“The world is against you, the material world will suck you in.” (16:22)


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