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Jul 26, 2021

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How did your parents raise you?


The interview series is heating up! Drew opens talks to Mark Wolynn, a world-leading in the field of inherited family trauma and Silver Nautalist winner all about healing your inner child and overcoming family trauma.


The symptoms of family trauma appear in sneaky ways. Mark shares examples of symptoms and indicators of where they are showing up in different areas of your life. Part of this healing involved addressing the mother and/or the father’s wound. Tune in to learn how to address and heal your past in order to build a bright future.


Connection with your inner child is a precious key to healing. Drew shares how he has begun to connect more deeply with the younger version of you. And not only that but Mark walks through a meditation exercise you can do today to help your wounded child and divine child connect.


Mark shares that while your ancestral trauma didn’t start with can end with you. 


Key Ideas:


-Ancestral trauma: The events of our parents or grandparents impact our way of thinking, believing, and being.


-The early relationship with our mother is essential for how we deal with other people and experience the world. 


-Honor and hold reverence for your inner child.


-Your core language and relationship patterns are heavily dictated by your family trauma.


-Somatic memories live deep within our being, and the early years of your life are crucial for forming initial memories.




“When we're able to step back inside ourselves with enough space, we can ask the big questions. Why was my mom disconnected? Why did my dad drink? Why was my father violent? Why was my mom shut down?” (4:51, Mark)

“Mom is the template in a way, in a way for how the world treats us. You could almost make the simile that mom and life are a metaphor for each other. Those of us who say life is hard often had a mom who was hard.” (6:01, Mark)


“It's also biologically what prepares us to deal with our environment as mother and child. You know, like two tuning forks in a way. So when we have a break with our break in the attachment with our mom, it's a challenge to feel safe and secure in life. When that connection's cut off we have difficulty trusting the feeling of who we are inside because a child's inner experience of himself or herself is dependent on mum's attunement, both in the uterus and then when we're delivered.” (10:26, Mark)


“When we have trauma, we can defend by shutting down or we can defend with bravado armoring and going out, improving or doing.” (24:24, Mark)


“Shake the family tree and see what falls out, what family secrets have been hidden, what stories didn't get told what trauma has never healed all the way. And then we need to work through these things, talk about them with our kids, don't seal our lips, and stay silent.” (34:06, Mark)


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