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Jun 25, 2021

Where in your life are you feeling overwhelmed?


This quick episode with Drew is all about noticing where you are living too much in the hustle mindset, and learning how to deal with this overwhelming state of existence.


Part of reducing overwhelm is shifting the speed at which time moves in your life. Curious how to do this? Drew walks through an exercise to reframe all the things that are flying at you such that, you can comprehend, organize, and prioritize. 


Key Ideas:

  • Energy is the most important asset we have as humans. The more energy you, the more different time is going to move.
  • Overwhelm 
  • Adjust your vocabulary and observe how your perspective on life shifts.
  • This is not your burden to bear. You can feel free and know that everything will get done when the divine timing arrives.




“We have to start asking ourselves, what is our relationship like with time? Are we slaves to time?” (1:20)


“Energy is the greatest asset we have as human beings. It's not time.“ (1:27)


“The reason people feel overwhelmed as there's way too much stuff that you don't know that you don't know, you haven't gotten it all out of your system” (3:23)


“Shifting your perception around feeling like you have to do all these things that feels heavy.” (4:25)


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