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Jun 23, 2021


Are you afraid of doing what you want to do because of failure?


This episode is all about why we hold back from taking action and procrastinate in our daily life. When you understand why you are holding yourself back, it becomes possible to move beyond this limited mindset and live in a state of doing! Throughout the episode Drew shares steps you can take today to no longer procrastinate. 


One of the main drivers behind procrastination is the fear of failure. Drew shares an honest life experience where he backed out of action due to his fear to fail and what he learned as a result. You don’t want to miss this vulnerable insight.


Key Ideas:

  • Fear of shining in your light contributes to procrastination. 
  • Follow the Why dentify process to begin connecting with what you want.
  • Determine your aversion to failure to remove procrastination from your life.
  • Tune in to whether you love or dislike an action you need to complete in your life. If you don’t love the action, outsource it or adjust the environment you are in to reduce the negative sensation while taking action.
  • When we plug into our soul's alignment there can be no procrastination because you are a walking conduit of source.




“Are you the creator and the master and the sovereign being of your own life? That's the question? What do you want to create?” (2:02)


“You can bring your field into the present moment when you feel into the goals that you have.” (4:08)


“Build up momentum in regards to the goals that I have. So whatever is fun, whatever puts me in a good high vibrational state. I'll do that before. The thing that I'm dreading, to put me in a good mood before I go into it.” (8:15)


“On a scale of one to 10, how much do you love this? Do you want to do this tomorrow? And if I don't, if the answer is no, then either find somebody to do it that loves it. Or I changed the environment.” (9:10)


“The more you ask, the more you delegate, the more you figure out what lights your soul on fire, the easier your life will become, you'll be walking around as if you're in a dream.” (10:57)


“When there's more fear in your body when there's more trauma in your body when there are biological blocks when there are heavy metals in your brain that are causing more heat for the neuro synopsis of different crossovers and wiring, you become slower.” (13:05)


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