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May 21, 2021

What can’t you go a day without?

This week Drew addresses a topic that many people have been inquiring about: food addiction. But food isn’t the only thing you may be struggling to control your consumption or usage of. You aren’t alone in this, Drew shares a handful of addictions he has struggled with in his life, past and present, and how he has taken action to become more aware of reducing his exposure to them.

Listen in to learn a handful of actions you can easily take to reduce your tendency towards food addictions and boost your overall health and wellbeing. You may be taking in more of something, simply because you are lacking another resource. Drew shares the connection between hydration and hunger and where you can take steps to fill your life with the right energy sources.

Often addiction is more than physical, it may be there to fill a spiritual or emotional need that you are currently missing. This may be a time to ask yourself: what is causing you to be addicted? If you feel alone when answering this question, Drew and the Organifi community is here for you!


Key Ideas:

  • Addiction can be more than food, drugs, or alcohol. It comes in the form of anything that takes control over your life, be it, porn, trading stocks, coffee, or even extreme exercise.
  • When it comes to addiction, there is a spiritual aspect to address.
  • The ability to observe your thoughts, and how they are centered around your addiction, will help you pinpoint the root of why you are drawn to this substance or action.
  • Biologically you can shift your addictive food behaviors.
  • Overcoming addiction is more accessible and successful when you join a community.




“I realized that at the time I was eating things to feel more satisfied in my life to create some form of satiation with the food that I was choosing.” (00:38)


“It's good to be aware. If you need to do something that's pulling you so much to where you couldn't live without it, or you just can't do it, then there's a good chance, you're probably addicted to it.” (02:43)


“So it's good to connect to your soul and have an experience every day of removing yourself from you.” (3:55) 


“But when we start to observe our thoughts, 50 to 80,000 thoughts a day, we can start to see how it's affecting our unconscious, which is 99% of thinking anyway. “ (4:44)


“Our thoughts are one thing that we can control. And what we put in our mouth is another thing.” (6:24)


“The more you can free yourself from these mortal addictions, the more energy you'll have to express your infinite nature, that's already in you.“ (14:57)

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